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Melissa is a great realtor.

She is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping her clients find a home!!!


Personal experience with the owners over the course of 5 years, two houses and various moves and changes.

There's no better anywhere.

The Hays

Just wanted to say thanks to you guys again for everything you did to help me get out of the house quickly!

Y’all are great at what you do and make such a good team❤️

Mariah H.


I am so thankful to have had you along for this CRAZY journey with me. You’ve been so patient, kind, and informative along the way. This process has been eye opening and QUICK! But I am over the moon with excitement and having you as my realtor has contributed to this ultimate success. I appreciate the time spent, miles driven, and positive energy. NONE of this could have been done without you! Thank you Forever, Crystal ❤️“

Crystal M

"Melissa: Thank you so much to you and to Russell for all of your help selling our home.

You both are the best and we are so thankful to you. We got the big box of house things thank you so much for mailing it. That was extra extra extra nice of Russell and you. Thank you for showing us the love of Christ. You not only sold our house but you were a source of support and encouragement for us. We love you guys, God bless you."

The Robinsons

When I met Russell Banki, I didn’t know him from a hole in the wall.

Here was a gregarious, extremely confident man, telling me that he could and would sell our home and that he would help us to find a new one. Having never sold a home before and having not worked with a realtor in 26 years, we were hesitant, but intrigued by his plan and his presentation. In short, working with Russell turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Russell gave us tips on our home presentation and walked us through every step of the home sale process. More importantly to me, he did what he said he was going to do. He went above and beyond every step of the way and was quick to calm any fears we had and answer any of our concerns. In short, Russell Banki IS THE MAN! Russell, we want to say “THANK YOU”, for all that you’ve done for us. A big thank you also goes to Melissa and Serita, who were quick to return any calls and answer any questions. You have a top notch team working with you and you can rest assured that we will mention your name, work ethic, and business to anyone and everyone we come across who is looking to either sell or buy a home. God bless you my friend,

The Hendersons

I couldn't have been through this experience without Melissa Banki's knowledge and experience and compassion.


You guys are awesome!

Melissa Banki has kept up with me for probably going on two years now. My husband and I were ready to move to Texas and Buy when I first talked with Melissa and then we had some personal tragedy that knocked us way off course. However, Melissa always checked in and asked how things were going even when there was no chance of our business in the immediate future. She cared for real! Now we are almost back on track and have finally made it to Houston! Guess who we will be calling to buy a house?! Guess who we will be recommending to all our friends and everyone!? I would never even consider anyone else but these guys! They honestly care🥰

G Ross

"Melissa, I really enjoyed working with you and your husband.

I look forward to working with you again in the future."

Chau T.

Congratulations to my client, Cory on his 1st investment property!

Starting that real estate empire! I have to give a HUGE shout out to his agent Melissa Banki!! She has always stayed in contact with them. It's been almost 2 years. She finally got him on paper and closed!! Way to follow up and stay in touch!! Your awesome!

Stephanie Wood

"Melissa and Russell truly worked their tails off for us.

We are thrilled with the deal we got on the house and to be settled in our beautiful home!"

Scott & April R.

"We bought our home with Russell and Melissa 5 years ago.

..when we were ready to move they also sold our 12 days! The process was flawless thanks to their professionalism and know how of property buying and selling. Easily the best real estate professionals we have ever dealt with!"

Jayne A.

I moved to the USA in 2010 to re-settle my family and arrived a total stranger, knowing virtually no-one, especially not in the financial world.

I had to find an affordable house, get a mortgage loan, all this without an American Financial background. I made contact with various real estate companies, but to no avail. Once they learned that it would be a difficult task to assist me they would pull out one by one. Then I got lucky, I met Russell Banki. I approached Russell, explained my situation and was waiting for his rejection. What a surprise, the man looked me in the eye and remarked "Let's do it, no object is too high to overcome". Needless to say, two months later I moved into my sparkling new house, at an interest rate which was truly fair and just. Eventually I sold this house in 2014 and once again Russell went out of his way to assist me. He is not my agent any longer, he is first my friend, then an agent and I recommend him to any discerning buyer or seller. If you want a truly happy house hunting experience, contact Russell, he will help.

The Ferreira's

"Melissa and Russell, thank you so much for helping me buy my house 6 yrs ago when many didn't believe I could and now for helping me to sell my house in Spring within 30 days.

You both guided me through the whole process with much real estate expertise, much patience, and with so much kindness. You have helped make it possible for Brandon and I to now join my husband Brent in our new house in Dallas. Y'all are awesome!! And you better come visit us at our new home."

Dalia H.

Melissa was a very sweet and professional lady from the very beginning.

My first time connecting with her was 02/28 and our first meeting was on 03/02. I decided immediately that her genuine demeanor and high level of knowledge is what I needed in my home buying process. She reminded me of me :). She was my advocate throughout it all, asked all the questions I didn't know needed to be asked. I think she's the best out there and everyone should give her a fair chance, she'll have your best interest at heart. I closed on my home August 9th and it was built from the ground up, she was with me every step of the way. My housewarming was on August 17th and Melissa & her family were invited guests, and to me, that speaks volumes. She is so great at what she does, I recruited her to be my friend.

Synadia M.

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