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"Russell, You are truly God sent to our family!

! You did it once, twice, three times, and a FOURTH time for our family! You sold our home, led us to our newly built home in a family oriented community, sold my Mother's home in one day, and led her to a newly built community as well. I am impressed with you and your wife's professionalism and generosity. Everyone that I've referred to you has had the same pleasant experience. May God continue to Bless you and your family! Thank you for being genuine and THE PEOPLE'S REALTOR! Our family rate you ☆☆☆☆☆! "

Sincerely, The Mosley Family

When I met Russell Banki, I didn’t know him from a hole in the wall.

Here was a gregarious, extremely confident man, telling me that he could and would sell our home and that he would help us to find a new one. Having never sold a home before and having not worked with a realtor in 26 years, we were hesitant, but intrigued by his plan and his presentation. In short, working with Russell turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Russell gave us tips on our home presentation and walked us through every step of the home sale process. More importantly to me, he did what he said he was going to do. He went above and beyond every step of the way and was quick to calm any fears we had and answer any of our concerns. In short, Russell Banki IS THE MAN! Russell, we want to say “THANK YOU”, for all that you’ve done for us. A big thank you also goes to Melissa and Serita, who were quick to return any calls and answer any questions. You have a top notch team working with you and you can rest assured that we will mention your name, work ethic, and business to anyone and everyone we come across who is looking to either sell or buy a home. God bless you my friend,

The Hendersons

I moved to the USA in 2010 to re-settle my family and arrived a total stranger, knowing virtually no-one, especially not in the financial world.

I had to find an affordable house, get a mortgage loan, all this without an American Financial background. I made contact with various real estate companies, but to no avail. Once they learned that it would be a difficult task to assist me they would pull out one by one. Then I got lucky, I met Russell Banki. I approached Russell, explained my situation and was waiting for his rejection. What a surprise, the man looked me in the eye and remarked "Let's do it, no object is too high to overcome". Needless to say, two months later I moved into my sparkling new house, at an interest rate which was truly fair and just. Eventually I sold this house in 2014 and once again Russell went out of his way to assist me. He is not my agent any longer, he is first my friend, then an agent and I recommend him to any discerning buyer or seller. If you want a truly happy house hunting experience, contact Russell, he will help.

The Ferreira's

"6 months after Kris and I got married, it was time to sell the 1st home I have ever purchased, which was the same home my kids knew as their safe haven.

I was referred to Russell’s based on his expertise on knowing his client’s interest and needs. Russell met with us shortly after Xmas holiday’s. My husband and I gave him our ideas of what we wanted for a new home as a new family and our approach to selling my home which was a big part of the kid’s lives. I did become emotional and had to leave the room at one point in time. It was then that Russell wasn’t just our potential agent, he was now a part of our lives in this new venture. Russell had the house sold within the 1st 2 days on the market. I recall him texting us the morning of the open house, showing us a picture of the house “on steroids”! It was great. One week into the negotiations, the buyer backed out. We re-started the process of selling the home and within the 1st evening of the house back on the market, we had 5 contracts. We were on vacation in the hill country and had to let Russell know which contracts choose as potential buyers. Let’s just say the buyer was kind enough to let us lease back the house for 45 days until we could find what we were looking for (which is a whole different story). Russell’s patience and understanding was gratifying. Many times I just wanted to call him and apologize on behalf of my husband. During the house hunting process we had some funny encounters with seller(s) and/or some homes, many of which I like to laugh about today knowing all too well we were in good hands. When we found the home, it wasn’t on the market for more than a day. After seeing it for the 1st time in person, reality set in that this was the one. It’s one thing to walk into a house and it look’s fantastic, but another when you walk into a house and it feels like a home. Thank You Russell, Melissa and the rest of your team for the time, patience and consideration vested. Thank you for all that you did to meet our needs and to ensure that that moment in our life was a sound, concrete and fulfilling decision."

Miriam and Kris

Personal experience with the owners over the course of 5 years, two houses and various moves and changes.

There's no better anywhere.

The Hays

"Melissa and Russell truly worked their tails off for us.

We are thrilled with the deal we got on the house and to be settled in our beautiful home!"

Scott & April R.

"Russell, It's a pleasure to write this letter to thank you for all your hard job and patient in purchase our first home in US.

Thanks, in your case, certainly is not enough! We hope this letter explains our belief that you are an exemplary REALTOR. We were impressed with your honesty and integrity throughout the sales process. You were quick to return calls, answer questions and advise us on matters concerning selling or buying. You contacted us regularly, even when we hadn't called you, to keep us informed on both transactions. You made sure that paperwork was in order, deadlines were met, and our closings went smoothly. We enjoyed working with you. We really appreciate your promptness when choosing any services related to home purchase such as inspections, utilities and lender as well. The layout of the house is working out even better than expected and of course the sunsets are amazing! We think many years of experience and contacts in real estate/construction business really made the difference. We would highly recommend your services to anyone that is contemplating buying a property."

Kate & Anton

"We bought our home with Russell and Melissa 5 years ago.

..when we were ready to move they also sold our 12 days! The process was flawless thanks to their professionalism and know how of property buying and selling. Easily the best real estate professionals we have ever dealt with!"

Jayne A.

"Melissa and Russell, thank you so much for helping me buy my house 6 yrs ago when many didn't believe I could and now for helping me to sell my house in Spring within 30 days.

You both guided me through the whole process with much real estate expertise, much patience, and with so much kindness. You have helped make it possible for Brandon and I to now join my husband Brent in our new house in Dallas. Y'all are awesome!! And you better come visit us at our new home."

Dalia H.

"My husband got a job in Houston and we were going to relocate - not knowing the area at all.

I was dreading all the work of moving and the ugh of seeing 50+ houses before deciding on one (or just settling). Well, my mom (who will be living with us) came for a visit so we took a drive down to check out areas and meet with a realtor whose site I saved several houses, in hopes we would get started. Well, I have to say that the house hunt that I dreaded turned out quite different than expected. Russell Banki from Best Priced Properties, LLC, our Realtor, went through the many saved homes I marked, wrote down the pluses, minuses, and commute time that my husband would have for each. When we met, we went through each one and he told us (mom and I) about the areas the homes were in as well as other details about the homes. We discussed tax rates as well as potential of the home and areas expected down the road. He also showed us the homes he pulled according to our wants and needs. We made our plan of what to see each day and began the drive to the first home which I chose and happened to be one he pulled. Well, just stepping foot in the house, I knew it was the one. Mom loved it as well. I called my husband at work and he came to look at it and he was in complete agreement. The next thing I knew we were getting approved and signing the contract for a new build home!!!! SO CRAZY that it was all so fast. I appreciated all of the pre-work Russell did and the time he took going through all of the info with us. He is incredibly personable and knows how to listen, is understanding, he has patience, and is more than happy to go the extra mile. I would not hesitate to use him in the future and highly recommend him for your housing needs. He will even be assisting in the sale of my mothers Florida home! Thanks for a great home buying experience Russell Banki."

Christine and Randy K.

Just wanted to say thanks to you guys again for everything you did to help me get out of the house quickly!

Y’all are great at what you do and make such a good team❤️

Mariah H.

My wife and I were looking for a home in the Spring area and we were going to settle for a house that was in an average community and was fairly priced.

We knew that we were settling because we just needed a home right away. We were going to make the mistake of buying that first property that we looked at without consulting a realtor or a property specialist first. Then one day I saw Russell’s sign on a property in a different neighborhood as I was headed to my apartment after work. It was as if something was telling me “take your time and do things right”. That’s when I called Russell and started speaking with a person that treated me like family as if he’d known me for years. Right away I felt really comfortable speaking with him and describing to him what we were looking for in a home. Russell listened to every word we said and made it his mission to find us our perfect home. He also went out of his way to educate us on why having a Certified Real Estate Expert Adviser is more valuable than just having a regular Real Estate agent. He showed us the expert adviser smart home buying system which consists of 7 laws and 81 different variables of purchasing a home. I am very grateful that he taught my wife and I all of these things even before touring our first home. He was so in tune with what we wanted that we found the perfect home at a great price in an even better community the very first time we went out with him! He even gave us a 100% guarantee that if we were not completely happy with our home he would sell it for us for free! If that weren't enough, he also offered us free home warranty and title policy! We could not have asked for a better home buying experience! Everything has been streamline and hassle free and it is all because Russell and his team are so dedicated and talented at what they do. I thank God for them every day. We will be customers and more importantly friends for life!

Gus and Seidy

"Melissa: Thank you so much to you and to Russell for all of your help selling our home.

You both are the best and we are so thankful to you. We got the big box of house things thank you so much for mailing it. That was extra extra extra nice of Russell and you. Thank you for showing us the love of Christ. You not only sold our house but you were a source of support and encouragement for us. We love you guys, God bless you."

The Robinsons

"It has been a long and rough weekend getting settled into our new place but there is no possible way we could have made it this far and be living in our dream house without this man and his wonderful wife!

Thank you so much Russell Banki and Melissa Banki at Best Priced Properties. Not once but two times you have guided me in the right direction and been there 100% of the way to make the whole buying and selling process seem easier than I would ever imagined! Your not just a realtor, you are a true friend and that shows in your detection to help out the way you do. We couldn't have done it without you, we would not have wanted to do it without you! Thanks again Russell! And Melissa! I will send many more people your way!"

Daniel and Carie A.

"Melissa, I really enjoyed working with you and your husband.

I look forward to working with you again in the future."

Chau T.

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